Jovina van ‘t Studutch in prestigious Brilliant ring Rastede

After Jovina van ‘t Studutch v. Jovian x Fasinette  impressed at the Stute Leistungstest in Vechta, she was invited for Rastede. Se belonged to the select group of 38 topmares who could make their appearance. Jovina convinced with her beautiful model and her excellent movements. She achieved a invitation to the Brilliant ring, now she was already one of the 15 best mares!  A unique experience that a Dutch contributor could enter the sacred grass! Again Jovina trotted excellent only because of the tension she wasn’t able to show a good walk hereby the overcoming of the 5 was beyond her reach.  A bit pity because she can really good walk.  But overall it was a unique experience and we were very proud and happy at our brilliant state Jovina!