Buying at StuDutch Auction, how does it work

Are you looking for proven genes? To expand your breeding, and/or do you aspire to a career in (top) sport? Then you have come to the right place at StuDutch Auction. Sjaak van der Lei and Jenny Toes have a nose for exclusive jumping and dressage genes and make them available worldwide via the StuDutch online auctions.

But how does buying via an online auction work and what costs are involved? We would like to explain this to you so that you can bid on your favourite lots with confidence.

Before the auction starts

  1. View the collection and choose your favourite lot(s). Would you like more information about a lot? Contact Sjaak on +31 6 12 38 87 06.
  2. Create a free account
  3. Go to your favourite lot(s) and click ‘Follow this auction’, this is below the amount and the countback timer when you are on the lot page
  4. Now you will automatically receive notifications, including when other people bid on this lot

During the auction

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Go to your favourite lot(s):
  3. Place a bid
  4. And now it gets exciting! Are you outbid? Then you will receive an e-mail. TIP: make sure you are already on the lot page during the auction evening so you can bid even faster.
  5. When there are less than 5 minutes left and a bid is placed, another 5 minutes will be added. Until no more bids are placed.

Congratulations! You have placed the highest bid and bought the lot. What happens now?

  1. You receive an e-mail that you are the highest bidder
  2. We put you in contact with the seller so that the transport and delivery of the horse can be coordinated
  3. You receive an invoice from us, as soon as it is paid you can coordinate the actual delivery with the seller
  4. The horse is now with you, good luck and enjoy it!

All costs at a glance:

  1. You pay 10% buyer’s commission on the auction amount. So if you have bid 10,000 euros, you will receive an invoice for 10,000 euros auction price + 1,000 euros buyer’s commission is 11,000 euros. This is the amount without VAT.
  2. On the lot page you can see whether the lot is subject to VAT and if so, what the VAT is
  3. If you buy an embryo that is subject to VAT, 9% VAT is added to the auction fee and 21% to the seller’s commission. The table below shows what the costs consist of
  4. You will also find on the lot page whether the broodmare is for sale, for rent, stays with the seller or whether you, the buyer, can choose from these options. These costs will be added to the invoice
  5. You arrange the transport and its costs with the seller. StuDutch Auction is not involved in this. However, we can help with the transport by putting you in touch with the right people and having the papers prepared for transport.
  6. If you have a European VAT number or the horse will be exported outside the EU as soon as possible, the net price for the horse will be invoiced.

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!
Sjaak van der Lei: +31 6 12 38 87 06,

Settlement amount VAT Seller commission VAT Seller commission
Embryo Exit fee 9% 10% of exit fee 21%
Foal Exit fee 9% 10% of exit fee 21%
Brood mare Exit fee 9% 10% of exit fee 21%
Sport horse Exit fee 21% 10% of exit fee 21%
Straw Exit fee 9% 10% of exit fee 21%


Costs of surrogate dam
Sale 3.000 euro + 9% VAT
Rent 4.000 euro + 9% VAT After weaning and in good health 2.000 euro + 9% VAT return
Stays with seller To be agreed