Terms and conditions

Shipping of fresh semen


  1. Semen from our stallions can be ordered daily before 09:30 hours. The order must include the name and life number of the mare as well as the full address of the mare’s owner.
  2. After the first order, the first part of the covering fee and the delivery costs are invoiced. The second part of the covering fee is invoiced once the mare is 6-8 weeks in foal.
  3. For mares not in foal, a written ‘not-in-foal’ certificate from the veterinarian must be supplied, otherwise the ‘not-in-foal’ rule will be cancelled.
  4. Studutch BV does not sell individual Kannan jr. straws, only pregnancies. You pay the covering fee per mare in foal. Unused straws remain the property of Studutch BV at all times and must be returned at the end of the breeding season or, for a fee, may be used.
  5. Mares are inseminated at the cost and risk of the mare’s owner.
  6. Shipping costs and NVWA-fees (Netherlands Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority) for the Netherlands and abroad are charged in full to the mare’s owner.
  7. If the payment term is exceeded, then the invoice amount will be increased to include the reminder fees and penalty rate as well as the debt collection fee.
  8. By ordering and purchasing the semen, the mare’s owner declares to have read and understood these terms and conditions and declares that they agree with the terms and conditions regarding the covering and payment.
  9. Studutch BV accepts no liability whatsoever for damage, illness or injury to people, animals, means of transport or otherwise.
  10. Would you please take into account that we must timely inform the NVWA (Netherlands Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority) in the event of exportation.
  11. All shipped semen is exclusive of 9% VAT.
  12. In the event of questions or special conditions, please contact: 0612388706 or info@studutch.com.

This disclaimer is a translation of the original from Dutch. The Dutch version remains leading in this regard.

Sint Michielsgestel,

1st January 2021

Studutch B.V.